vtk-dicom  0.8.13
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CvtkAlgorithmSuperclass for all sources, filters, and sinks in VTK
 CvtkDICOMAlgorithmSuperclass for DICOM image filters
 CvtkDICOMApplyPaletteApply palette to PALETTE COLOR images
 CvtkDICOMApplyRescaleConvert pixels to real-world values
 CvtkDICOMCharacterSetCharacter sets
 CvtkDICOMCompilerA writer for DICOM meta data
 CvtkDICOMCTGeneratorGenerate DICOM data objects for CT images
 CvtkDICOMCTRectifierPrepare a CT for 3D processing
 CvtkDICOMDataElementA data element in a DICOM data set
 CvtkDICOMDataElementIteratorA const iterator for a vtkDataElement list
 CvtkDICOMDictEntryAn entry in the DICOM dictionary
 CEntryA struct to statically store DICOM dictionary entries
 CvtkDICOMDictionaryProvide access to the DICOM tag dictionary
 CDictA struct to store a DICOM dictionary hash table
 CvtkDICOMDirectoryGet information about all DICOM files within a directory
 CvtkDICOMFileA class that provides basic input/output operations
 CvtkDICOMFileDirectoryA class that provides directory listings
 CvtkDICOMFilePathA class that provides path manipulation
 CvtkDICOMFileSorterSort DICOM files and group them by study and series
 CvtkDICOMGeneratorGenerate DICOM data series for specific IOD classes
 CvtkDICOMImageCodecCodecs for encapsulated images
 CImageFormatA struct to store basic image information for a codec
 CvtkDICOMItemAn item in a DICOM sequence (type SQ)
 CvtkDICOMLookupTableLookup tables from DICOM data
 CvtkDICOMMetaDataA container class for DICOM metadata
 CvtkDICOMMetaDataAdapterAn adapter to make multi-frame data look like multi-file data
 CvtkDICOMMRGeneratorGenerate DICOM data objects for MR images
 CvtkDICOMParserA meta data reader for DICOM data
 CvtkDICOMReaderRead DICOM image files
 CvtkDICOMSCGeneratorGenerate DICOM data objects for Secondary Capture images
 CvtkDICOMSequenceA sequence of items according to the SQ representation
 CvtkDICOMSliceSorterIndex a DICOM series to allow proper dimensional ordering
 CvtkDICOMSorterDeprecated class, please use vtkDICOMFileSorter instead
 CvtkDICOMTagA (group,element) identifier tag for DICOM attributes
 CStaticTagA struct that provides static storage for a DICOM tag
 CvtkDICOMTagPathA tag path for digging values out of sequence items
 CvtkDICOMToRASConvert DICOM orientation to RAS orientation
 CvtkDICOMUIDGeneratorGenerate UIDs for written DICOM files
 CvtkDICOMUtilitiesUtility functions for use with DICOM classes
 CvtkDICOMValueA class to store attribute values for DICOM metadata
 CvtkDICOMVMVMs (Value Multiplicities)
 CvtkDICOMVRVRs (Value Representations)
 CvtkDICOMWriterWrite DICOM image files
 CvtkImageAlgorithmGeneric algorithm superclass for image algs
 CvtkImageReaderSuperclass of transformable binary file readers
 CvtkImageReader2Superclass of binary file readers
 CvtkImageWriterWrites images to files
 CvtkLookupTableMap scalar values into colors via a lookup table
 CvtkNIFTIHeaderStore NIfTI header information
 CvtkNIFTIReaderRead NIfTI-1 and NIfTI-2 medical image files
 CvtkNIFTIWriterWrite NIfTI-1 and NIfTI-2 medical image files
 CvtkObjectAbstract base class for most VTK objects
 CvtkObjectBaseAbstract base class for most VTK objects
 CvtkScancoCTReaderRead SCANCO ISQ and AIM medical image files
 CvtkThreadedImageAlgorithmGeneric filter that has one input.